Why You Should Join Us!

Theres tons of other christian communities out there, but there are three major reasons why!


Our staff work hard to have a christian-based, family-friendly environment for all age groups! No NSFW content in our community!

Everyone Is Welcome

All denominations of Christianity are welcome, including nonbelievers! We dont put a label on what you believe when you join our community.

Grow In The Faith

We have weekly discussions about the bible, awesome events, verified pastors to answer your hardest questions, and a gaming community to hang out have fellowship!

A Little About Faithgaming

Faithgaming was originally founded by RektByfaith, his fiance, and his best friend. The goal was to create a Christian gaming community where everyone felt like they were family, and where gamers who wanted a safe place to be able to meet other Christian gamers could go and have a fun time without the feeling of being judged based on what denomination they were or if they are a follower of Christ or not. Faithgaming also strives to be able to have support for all games so that way you can meet people who love playing the game you love. If you’re not a gamer, don’t worry about it, Faithgaming has other activities and different ways of connecting you to others so that you can just have fellowship if you’d like, from talking about food, coding, gaming, asking for prayer, discussing theology, or simply just wanting a good time, Faithgaming has you covered on all bases.

Meet our Staff

The following staff members are the head of staff, we have many more staff members but this is just a quick idea of who is part of your staff team :)
Elijah AKA RektByFaith

Elijah AKA RektByFaith

Owner of Faithgaming

Elijah is one bad, bad man (in a good way) that loves God and loves video games. He can bring out an intensity level of over 9000 when it comes to games and has +50 speech when it comes to sharing the Good news of Jesus Christ. God gave him the vision of FaithGaming and Elijah has been known to go on epic encouraging speeches that rival Braveheart and Gladiator.

Mike AKA TheHammerOfLight

Mike AKA TheHammerOfLight


Not much to say about this guy except he's pretty awesome! Loves Video Games, Loves Teaching people the word of God, and is a fantastic parent of wonderful children!

Devin AKA JesterRedeemed

Devin AKA JesterRedeemed


Devin used to be an cartoon loving heavy gamer with a goofball personality before Jesus came into his life. Now he is a born again and responsible cartoon watching, mobile gamer with a goofball personality. He also believes a Christian is called to love God, love others, and make disciples over converting. He loves talking about the things of God while sharing memes and movie references...he is not the cat meme type so breathe easier... He has been known to randomly tell someone “I have spoken.”