The History Of Faithgaming- From The owner

In late April of 2018, Faithgaming was created. Faithgaming was formed by three people consisting of Elijah, His Fiance Laura, and His Best Friend Jacob. The goal was to have a discord server where christian gamers could come into a discord and feel like they could be themselves, being able to be open with each other, and be able to grow strong in the word. However, as time went on Elijah decided that he wanted to have the discord opened up for both Christians and for non-believers, and have it like one big family so that way people of any faith would feel welcome.

As time went on and the community grew, Faithgaming started to become known as the christian gaming community where everyone is family, even if someone was part of a different religion. Even if you aren’t religious, you wont be attacked. Faithgaming accepts everyone with open arms but does not discriminate based off of your denomination, your religion, your age, or even if you were male/female.

Faithgaming has continued to grow steadily, reaching people in different gaming communities from all over the world, uniting them together. Faithgaming seeks to eventually grow into its members local communities to help spread the word of God through not just words, but by showing the love of Christ.

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